Taco Fest Greece

Taco Fest Greece is an initiative to promote Mexican gastronomy and offer to locals an authentic Mexican experience

We have selected and invited the best Mexican Restaurants in Greece to create their best taco.

Taco Fest Greece will be celebrated in the selected restaurants, with special offers to those registered. The 1st edition of Taco Fest Greece aims to attract more than 20,000 visitors, followers and viewers.

When and where will Taco Fest be organized?

The event will take place from November 1st to 7th.

To create an authentic food experience, each Restaurant will offer and sell their best Tacos for this edition.

Please check all our venues


What is a TACO?

The traditional Mexican TACO Recipe includes:
Tortilla + Any type of meat, or veggies + Lemon and spicy sauces.

How to eat a TACO?

The mouth comes to the Taco.
The opposite from the Pita, where the food comes to the mouth.